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Dec 14

2016 Denver Rescue Mission

On Tuesday, December 13, 2016, Choozle volunteered at the Denver Rescue Mission serving dinner to those in need. The hairnets were on, the aprons were tied and we were so grateful to give back to the Denver community. The night consisted of serving a warm meal, speaking with the mission visitors, and helping the Denver Rescue Mission clean up after the crowd.

During this holiday season filled with family, presents, and celebrations, we sometimes forget just how lucky we are in our own lives. While we have a warm place to call home at night and good food in our bellies, there are many people right outside our door who donŠ—’t. In a time when we can let the Š—“thingsŠ— in our lives start to take over, taking a step back and giving back to those less fortunate than us puts things back into perspective. So many of us think of this time as a time for receiving (presents, candy, cards), but it should be even more of a time to give back.

If there is one thing you wish to do to better the lives of those in your community this holiday season, consider visiting the Denver Rescue Mission. We had a blast and weŠ—’re sure you will too!

Happy Holidays!

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