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RKD Group

RKD Group, a multichannel marketing partner with decades of nonprofit fundraising expertise and next-generation digital marketing and analytics reporting capabilities, has jumped ahead of the curve by implementing an omnichannel targeting strategy. Omnichannel, or multichannel targeting, is the method of serving impressions to your audience across multiple mediums such as display, mobile, native, audio, and connected TV (CTV). In a three-month-long campaign, RKD Group has already seen 2,681 conversions at an average cost per action (CPA) of $303 for their client in the education space.


  • Target CRM, data, search retargeting, site retargeting, lookalike, and event retargeting audiences across multiple channels.
  • Leverage display, video, native, audio, and CTV ads to drive donations.


Recent studies have shown that multichannel exposure will usher users down the marketing funnel to the conversion stage faster. Campaigns using four or more digital channels will convert customers 4.5x faster than a campaign using just single-channel exposure. RKD Group’s recent campaigns for their client, a nonprofit education organization, have proven the efficacy of omnichannel targeting. The RKD team has organized their campaigns by the advertising channel, leveraging a variety of audiences under each. For example, their CTV campaign is leveraging targeting data and search retargeting audiences, but their display campaign is utilizing the event retargeting from the CTV audience as well as their CRM data targeting, lookalike audiences, search retargeting, and site retargeting audiences. By serving ads to these users consistently and with a variety of tactics, the users have gained brand awareness and acceptance and are now moving down the marketing funnel to the conversion state faster than a single targeting tactic could achieve.

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