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Jan 29

Benefits of tag management for digital advertising campaigns

One of the biggest headaches for marketers is managing tags, conversion pixels, and landing page segmentation. To help make your lives more comfortable, the Choozle platform provides The Choozle Smart Container. This is a small, secure piece of code placed on the header of your website that we use to deliver audience insights on your visitors, gather retargeting groups, and measure digital marketing campaign results.


Once the Choozle Smart Container is placed in the header of your website we can generate audience insights on your visitors, gather retargeting groups, and measure digital marketing campaign results. With the use of the Choozle, Smart Container marketers can consolidate marketing actions from multiple sources into source without the need to involve their website developers.

  • For audience insights, we match your site visitors against Choozle’s data partners to create a robust Audience Insights profile on who is coming to your website.
  • For retargeting groups, a collection of individual profiles will be atomically gathered from your site visitors or media engagers. These different profiles can be saved as an audience and used in digital marketing campaigns. As well as we give marketers have the function to “slice and dice” their first-party data by taxonomy, segment, campaign, and comparisons against third-party data.
  • For campaign measurement, when you deploy a digital marketing campaign through Choozle, the Choozle Smart Container will measure campaign acquisitions based on conversion events that are defined.


Increase Marketing ROI. With a 360 degree view of your website visitors, the Choozle Smart Container can be used to develop granular tag deployment conditions for precise control over which marketing campaigns should be deployed for every customer. Use the data to enrich web analytics for enhanced cross-channel segmentation and analysis, and to improve personalization with improved targeting and recommendations.

Faster implementation time. The Choozle Smart Container puts marketing, not IT, in the driver’s seat and enables marketers to respond to campaigns in real time. This allows marketers to quickly swap out in new conversion events and audience segmentation tags while reducing time and costs for the business incurred by manually hard-coding marketing technologies.

Faster page load. Choozle Smart Container unique tagging architecture minimizes data and tag code that gets pushed to the client, rapidly speeding up page load.

Reduce Tagging Errors. The Choozle Smart Container minimizes the impact of site-wide change. Conditions and additions to the container can be done remotely in a few simple steps.

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