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Sep 19

Choozle at Marketing Edge in Houston

Join Choozle at the Houston American Marketing Association’s Marketing Edge on September 21, 2017, at the Norris Conference Center in Houston, Texas.

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Hear from Choozle’s Vice President of Sales, Lonnie Buchanan

Did you know programmatic advertising is expected to grow by 31 percent in 2017? The numbers are compelling. And sure, you’d make the switch—if someone would first explain what it is. Lonnie will cover all the basics in this crash course. He’ll show you how programmatic advertising works, why brands and agencies are switching, and the first steps of launching programmatic advertising in-house.

Participate in the Strategy Lab

The Choozle VP of Sales and Sales Director-Central will be in attendance at the Strategy Lab. They will be able to walk through Choozle account setup, questions on targeting capabilities, insights & data available, as well as any programmatic, adoption of the technology, and platform enablement questions.

Other speakers include:

  • Keynote Speaker, Kindra Hall – Columnist, Author, National Champion Storyteller
  • Keynote Speaker, Peter Coffee – VP Strategic Research, Salesforce
  • Keynote Speaker, Mica May – CEO May Designs
  • Gavin Marks – Principal and VP of Digital Advertising, Decode Digital
  • Aimee Woodall – The Black Sheep Agency
  • Mark Vecchiarelli – Founder and CMO, KRUVE/ Founder, VEKYA, Inc.
  • and many others!

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About The Author

Megan Sullivan-Jenks is director of marketing & communications at Choozle – Easy Digital Advertising®. A self-proclaimed tinkerer, Megan's a problem solver for marketing and advertising strategies and execution. From nonprofits to consumer goods and software, she's an expert at creating online and offline marketing & communications strategies that are engaging and results-driven. Outside of the office, Megan rolls up her sleeves to enjoy all things DIY like sewing and woodworking.