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Nov 06

Slicing your digital advertising strategies

Divide, Conquer, and Save Room for Dessert

With such a wide arsenal of targeting tools offered by Choozle, it can be challenging to pick the right strategy. Even worse, it can be tempting to pick them all. ItŠ—’s just like Thanksgiving. You arrive at your in-laws eager to chow down on some perfectly seasoned poultry, visions of scantily clad potatoes mashing themselves while whispering sweet nothings into the ears of corn. When itŠ—’s finally time to eat, you rattle off a few things youŠ—’re most thankful for (Family. Friends. Choozle.) and begin to pack your plate. Before long, youŠ—’ve built a contender for the 8th wonder of the world and head to your seat, licking your lips and leaving a trail of string bean casserole tying you to your crime. YouŠ—’ve done too much. And 10 minutes into your feast youŠ—’d gladly trade your corduroys for a hospital gown.

With countless data segments, contextual site lists, and retargeting options all within reach, you want to make sure not to overload your plate. Layering different targeting strategies can certainly be effective if you have a very specific audience, but more often, campaigns work best if you stick to one targeting type per ad group. For example, instead of targeting college-aged males who have visited sports sites, try just targeting college-aged males within an appropriate geolocation. Then create a second ad group for contextual targeting and go after visitors of sports sites. Separating strategies allows you to see which ad group is performing best and can help keep your CPM costs low. YouŠ—’ll then be able to optimize your campaign along the way by reallocating budget or updating data segments.

You also want to be careful not to overdo it within data targeting. What characteristics does a person need to have in order to be an ideal customer? Do they need to be a female homeowner in the Denver area between the ages of 40 and 50 and have children and pets? Or do they just need to be a female homeowner? Narrowing your reach can be useful if you have a very targeted audience pool, but remember that as you add more and more parameters, the number of available impressions will shrink and your CPM cost will grow.

Instead of piling as much as possible onto your plate at once, try a few things and go back for seconds later if youŠ—’re still hungry. And make sure to save room for dessert Š—– thereŠ—’s pie!


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Megan Sullivan-Jenks is director of marketing & communications at Choozle – Easy Digital Advertising®. A self-proclaimed tinkerer, Megan's a problem solver for marketing and advertising strategies and execution. From nonprofits to consumer goods and software, she's an expert at creating online and offline marketing & communications strategies that are engaging and results-driven. Outside of the office, Megan rolls up her sleeves to enjoy all things DIY like sewing and woodworking.