5 Ideas for Your Digital Ad Campaign
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Jan 30

Five ideas you can steal for your digital advertising campaign

Creating a successful digital advertising campaign can be a hard path to maneuver. With so many successful campaigns out there it is hard not come up with something that’s already been done. However, there are the general ideas marketers and advertisers can take and run with to make their own and fit the target audience they are trying to reach. Below are five ideas marketers and advertisers can steal and make their own for digital advertising campaigns.

1. Use Humor

Humor is one idea for digital advertising that (if done correctly) will always be successful among viewers. With today’s multiple social platforms, it does not take long for an ad that resonates with the people to go viral. For example, Budweiser’s “Whassup” ad that first debuted in early 2000 has become one of the most popular and iconic advertisements of the 21st century. Since then, it has been turned into a meme, been remade by viewers, and became a digital advertisement for Budweiser without them even having to try. Funny catches people’s eyes, draws them in, and makes them want to share it with the rest of the world.

2. Donate to a Cause

One popular trend among marketers and advertisers is to use digital advertising to help brands and companies donate to their favorite cause. One of the most popular, that wasn’t originally intended to be an ad is Chipotle’s “Back to the Start” video. The video introduced customers to a loyalty program for having knowledge of food industry issues—a farmer changing from an enormous industrialized farm to a farm with sustainable and humane practices. All proceeds from the video went to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation which aims to create a more sustainable food future. By presenting the viewer with a cause they could connect with, marketers and advertisers are directly driving that conversion to happen.

3. Get Emotional

Many marketers and advertisers have been successful in creating emotional digital advertising campaigns that hit their audience right in the feels. For example, P&G launched a campaign a few years ago of famous Olympic athletes saying “Thank you, Mom”for helping them get from childhood to where they are today. When a brand can connect with their audience on an emotional level, it builds the trust needed to create a sense of relationship and loyalty with that specific brand.

4. Include Special Offers

It is no secret that consumers love a good deal. Whether that is a percentage off, free shipping, or special sales; if there’s some deal (or incentive), we are more likely to buy. Use bigger fonts and a clear call-to-action to draw that target audience. Including these special offers in your display advertising will increase click-through-rate and some conversions completed among your target audience.

5. Keep It Visual

Keeping digital advertisements visual is one idea marketers, and advertisers can never go wrong with. Whether advertisers are using video or images in digital advertising, any target audience is more likely to engage in a visual advertisement than a verbal one. Viewers will want to see that funny video or take a second to look at those cool, new shoes. Then, after that initial view, the audience will want to learn more or buy those shoes completing the goal conversion. Having to read a long display ad or decipher the meaning behind it will turn viewers away and hurt the overall success of the campaign.

Whether marketers and advertisers are using video, display, or mobile, they can take any of these seven ideas and use them to create a successful digital advertising campaign and a lasting impression on viewers.

*Ad examples via “Top Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century” by AdAge (http://adage.com/lp/top15/#intro)

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