4 Ideas for Your 2017 Campaigns
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Jan 03

Four ideas for your 2017 digital advertising campaign

Digital Advertising is constantly changing, and campaigns are becoming more intricate. 2017 is going to be a big year in digital advertising and marketers, and advertisers are going to have to step up their game to continue being a player. Here are four ideas to help take your digital advertising campaign to the next level in 2017:

  1. Programmatic

Programmatic is expected to grow 30% in 2017. This technology has become a major part of the digital advertising world. To keep up with the innovating digital advertising world and get the most out of campaigns, marketers and advertisers need to make the switch to programmatic advertising this year! The ROI of using programmatic will significantly outweigh that of traditional advertising. Through the speed and efficiency of running campaigns programmatically, leveraging data collected throughout campaigns, the ability to optimize, increase targeting, organized reporting, and capacity to run multiple campaigns quickly on one platform, marketers, and advertisers will be able to run digital advertising campaigns better than ever before.


  1. Data, data, data

In 2017, data is going to be huge for running successfully digital advertising campaigns. When running campaigns programmatically, data is collected simultaneously. Paying attention to the data and using that to optimize digital advertising campaigns will ensure marketers and advertisers get the most out of their budget and campaign overall. A lot can be learned from the information a campaign collects and advertisers will be able to better understand their target customers and the success of their display and campaign.


  1. Increase targeting

Another idea for marketers and advertisers to run a successful campaign in 2017 is to increase the targeting during a campaign. Focusing more campaign efforts to target different groups of consumers that will convert and then focusing retargeting on those consumers will ensure each digital advertising campaign receives the most engagement from those who are most likely to complete the overall goal of the campaign.


  1. Spend More Time on Creative

One final idea marketers and advertisers need to take with them throughout 2017 is to spend more time on creative. How a piece of display looks can affect the entire outcome of a digital advertising campaign. Often, advertisers spend less time on the creative for a digital advertising campaign than they do a traditional print or TV ad because it doesnŠ—’t cost as much and there are more tools for creating online display ads. But, poor creative can produce lower click-through-rates and low conversions with targeted customers. Spending the extra time and producing high-quality creative will bring better results to 2017 digital advertising campaigns.


In 2017 itŠ—’s important to stay on top of current trends and work with those already in place in digital advertising. The four main ideas advertisers and marketers should consider in 2017 is using programmatic as the platform for digital advertising, paying attention to the data a campaign generates, increasing targeting among consumers, and spending more time on the creative being used in campaigns. Using these four ideas as staples in digital advertising will ensure a successful campaign across all channels.

About The Author

Megan Sullivan-Jenks is director of marketing & communications at Choozle – Easy Digital Advertising®. A self-proclaimed tinkerer, Megan's a problem solver for marketing and advertising strategies and execution. From nonprofits to consumer goods and software, she's an expert at creating online and offline marketing & communications strategies that are engaging and results-driven. Outside of the office, Megan rolls up her sleeves to enjoy all things DIY like sewing and woodworking.