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Nov 30

Growth of video real-time bidding

The online video advertising industry is on a steep upward climb. In terms of viewer impressions and dollars spent in the video ad industry. A major segment of the section of the video advertising market is RTB (real-time bidding), which accounts for 24.7% of video spending in 2014.

The RTB industry itself is growing at exceptional rates, expecting to account for over $18.2 billion of digital ad sales in 2018. The video RTB industry is no exception. eMarketer forecasts that US programmatic video ads will procure 40% of digital video ad spending in 2016, or $3.84 billion. The video RTB industry attracts marketers who want to pay for the value of the placement based on attributes like the audience. Video RTB is also projected to increase at a faster rate than the overall digital video business.

The video RTB industry is growing so fast as a result of consumers spending increasing amounts of time watching online video content. According to the IAB, in the United States, 70% of online adults say that they have watched some form of online video in the past month. As more people start to watch videos online rather than on a television, TV buyers focus their attention on being able to have a cross-platform measurement so that advertisers feel more confident in their buys.

Reaching the audience that matters most to your brand is crucial to your digital advertising efforts. Being able to advertise on websites such as YouTube, Tremor, YuMe, and TubeMogul could increase the number of eyes on your ad. Using RTB in your video ad efforts have substantial benefits for your brand. With RTB, you are able to increase control over your campaign performance, increase spending efficiencies, focus in on the audience you want to target, and eliminate wasted impressions and ad dollars.

As the video RTB continues to grow and prosper, Choozle is the right platform that can fulfill your video advertising needs. By integrating video ads into your digital marketing strategy, you can increase the number of people viewing your ads as more and more people continue to watch online videos.

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