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Aug 01

How can publishers leverage programmatic?

With the rise of programmatic advertising, publishers have a valuable opportunity to generate revenue by selling their inventory and by serving ads on their network. Let us take a look at the specifics.

Publishers can provide valuable data to their end customer. They can collect rich data around their website visitors and then offer it to their advertisers, all while making a case for why their inventory is valuable. Publishers can go a step further and segment their target audiences, which would then generate a higher return on investment.

Publishers can also analyze their audience insights to develop higher quality content, which then provides advertisers with a stronger, more valuable audience. This allows advertisers to get their brand and message in front of consumers in a more engaging and relevant manner.

Audience Extension is another piece of programmatic technology that allows digital publishers to generate revenue from their web traffic by allowing advertisers to reach their audience far beyond their website. Through audience extension, publishers can track their website visitors, and then advertisers can serve ads to that audience on different sites as they continue browsing the web.

Programmatic offers nothing but an opportunity for publishers. It essentially allows publishers to provide their customers with a shopping cart of digital media strategies for them to choose from and helps publishers generate ROI from their existing inventory.

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