How to Prepare for Holiday Planning|How to Prepare for Holiday Planning
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Sep 04

How to prepare for holiday campaigns

School just started and it may seem just a bit too early to start prepping for your holiday digital advertising campaigns. However, in a study conducted by G/O Digital, half of the holiday shoppers start thinking about what they’re going to buy family and friends in October or earlier. October! That’s only one month away. How can you start preparing for your holiday campaign planning?


The Earlier the Better

Get started on it as soon as possible. Work with your team to devise a strategy and plan for how you’re going to tackle all those holiday shoppers this season. Build out creative, set up landing pages, and decide what the overall goal of this holiday campaign will be – promote a special product, give a discount, create brand awareness, etc.


Relevant Landing Pages and Promotions

Once the goal of your campaign has been created, the theme and promotion should be chosen. Landing pages should always match what the creative assets look like and is telling the user. If the creative is promoting a sale on electronics, the landing page should then be the electronics page of the items within that sale. Also, language from one to the other should match and flow. Promoting one thing with a landing page that doesn’t match will lose the trust of the user and increase bounce rate.


Try Known Tactics

Once all materials are created and goals are set it’s time to devise a plan for the campaign itself. If you have run successful digital advertising campaigns in the past, look at those digital advertising tactics that ran the best for you. Then compare the goals of that campaign, to the one you’ll be running for the holidays, to make sure the tactics align. This will then allow you to choose to run the tactics that have been successful for you in the past, while also giving you an easier launch.


Bid Competitively

Additionally, during the holiday months inventory tends to be a hot commodity and more expensive due to the number of advertisers trying to display which is why your holiday digital advertising campaigns need to be competitive. To ensure your ads win the placement, bid competitively right from the start. What is bidding competitively? Raise the price $2-3 higher than the price you would normally set your bid at. If performance is doing well at the initially set bid prices leave it throughout the campaign. Otherwise, you can optimize by adjusting your bids higher (or lower) in order to win those placements.


Expand Targeting Tactics

When the campaign has launched and you’ve let it run a week or two, go back and take a look at the performance of the ad group tactics you’ve chosen. If one tactic is not performing the way you expected, consider adjusting the budget to the better-performing tactics shown or expanding your targeting tactics beyond what was initially set. Optimizations and simple adjustments will be the gold key to the overall success of your holiday campaign.


Even though it may seem too early for holiday planning and campaign prep, it is the perfect time to make sure all the pieces of your holiday digital advertising campaign are in place and ready to be put together when it’s time to launch.

Pro Tip: Always use pictures of puppies. Who doesn’t love a puppy dressed as Santa?!

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