Social Targeting in Digital Advertising
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May 13

How to use Facebook Exchange in digital marketing strategies

Facebook Exchange offers an alternative vehicle for digital marketing. Marketers can target their consumers in a similar strategy as standard real-time bidding campaigns. It is most useful to advertisers who want to extend the reach of their existing exchange-based remarketing and behavioral targeted campaigns across Facebook’s monthly active user base.

A successful digital marketing strategy incorporates various channels and strategies, as to diversify its reach. To successfully execute a Facebook Exchange campaign, it is important to remember your ABC’s: audience, budget, and creative. Knowing these three components before execution will help you get your campaigns up and running.

Each marketing channel has various capabilities, especially if marketers are looking to use Facebook Exchange. Understanding these capabilities is crucial to leveraging the interface successfully. Facebook Exchange has limited audience targeting capabilities. They include retargeting, IP targeting, and data targeting. Facebook Exchange cannot execute contextual targeting due to the fact ads are solely served on Facebook Exchange. FBX is different than FBX is geared more towards driving traffic and generating business. It also encourages flight campaigns within Facebook. FBX is a useful social marketing tool that when used correctly, can diversify your social targeting efforts.

FBX Creative Specifications

  • General FBX Specs include: Title: 25 characters maximum, Body: 90 characters maximum, User Message: 500 characters maximum (Available only for News Feed), Image: Text within the image must be less than 20% of the total creative design
  • Marketplace (Right-Hand Rail Creative) Accepted Creative Sizes with Aspect Ratio of 1.91:1 : 254×133, 600×315, 1200×627, 1200×628
  • Newsfeed (in-stream) Accepted Creative Sizes with Aspect Ratio of 1.91:1 :200×200, 600×315, 1200×627, 1200×628
  • File type: JPG or PNG
  • Animation allowed: No
  • Creative assets needed: Access to the Facebook account


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