Interview with Jeff Finch & Andrew Fischer featured In MarTech Series - Choozle: Digital Advertising Made Easy
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Feb 21

Interview with Jeff Finch & Andrew Fischer featured In MarTech Series

MTS: Tell us a little bit about your role and how you got here. (what inspired you to start a martech company)

Andrew Fischer: I’ve been in digital media my whole career. As a recent college graduate, I moved to San Francisco to work in finance in 1999. However, the fledgling Internet industry was exponentially more interesting to me, and I quickly jumped into work with one of the first digital advertising sales networks called L90. Over time, I transitioned from ad-network based businesses into advertising technology as it was clearly the future of online advertising. As the co-founder and CEO of Choozle I focus on sales, marketing, finances, operations, and strategy. I intersect with my partner, Jeffrey, on the product front. And for Choozle, the product is the strategy, and the strategy is the product.

Jeffrey Finch: My internet career began 20 years ago when I started one of the first online adventure travel companies. Like most entrepreneurs of the day I did it all myself—web design, coding, branding, content, marketing, SEO, advertising, etc.—with no previous training or study. At that time knowledge was not as “everywhere” as it is today so I learned by trying and failing—learning as much as I could from anyone I could. Do this long enough and you become an expert in how to fail with purpose across many disciplines—which, as it turns out, is a great basis for creating ad and marketing tech. It also has made me very disciplined and good at creating systems.

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