Landing Page Fundamentals
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Aug 13

Landing page fundamentals

Digital advertising is a constantly changing Digital marketing tool and technique, with native advertisements and mobile targeting. However the basic fundamentals of digital advertising are often forgotten in the evolving landscape.

As front-line digital marketers, setting up an engaging landing page for your Digital advertising campaign is fundamental for driving ROI. Additionally it’s important to connect insights with your marketing strategy in order to focus on what is needed to succeed with your digital marketing campaign.

WHAT IS A LANDING PAGE? A landing page is a single paged website that takes one to after they click on a link, or for the sake of this post, an advertisement.

A landing page can function is several different ways but there are a few fundamentals that should be included. Below are three basic fundamentals for setting up a landing page for your next digital marketing campaign:

1. THE CURRENT OFFER: The current offer on a landing page is one of the sole reasons why a landing page exists. This offer is showcased on the page and there should be clear a call-to-action for the visitor to do something. By outlining a call-to-action for your visitors you will have a fundamental digital marketing measurement metric that can be used to determine the success of your campaign.

2. FORM QUESTIONS AND FIELDS: This is a component of a landing page that is something that you should determine if it’s best for your audience and your digital marketing campaign. If you choose to use a form, think about the number of form fields and what questions you are planning on using on a landing page. Having a lot of form fields can decrease the success of your campaign.

3. SOCIAL SHARES: Many times on a landing page there is one stand out Call-To-Action and smaller links or social share buttons as well. Social shares, although sometimes can be considered a fluffy metric, give you a quantifiable approach when you are looking at a landing page. These shares can give you a metric of how successful the landing page, and what channels is this offer working in.

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