Digital Advertising Features: IP Address Targeting
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Apr 04

New feature: IP Targeting

WeŠ—’re always looking to bulk up your digital advertising toolbox and IP Address targeting is the next tool for you to use for real-time (programmatic) advertising campaigns across video, mobile, display, and social inventory.

IP Address targeting enables you to reach your audience by location, industry and/or company within your digital advertising campaigns. In addition, IP Address targeting allows you to exclude audiences if you wanted to exclude internal teams from your campaigns

What is the process?

  • If you already have the IP addresses, you will navigate to “Libraries” to upload your lists. IP targeting list can be used to target a pre-defined set of customers. You will need to have IPs only in the form of IPv4 addresses such as “”. We can only target IP ranges, not just a single IP address. The minimum IP address must be less than and different than the maximum IP address.
  • If you need the IP addresses sourced, you will need to provide the names, websites, and physical addresses of the companies for which you wish to target within a Support Center ticket. Choozle will then be able to query the IP Address ranges to use within a campaign.
  • Once the list is sourced or uploaded, it will appear as an IP Range under the Data Groups section of the Š—“AudienceŠ— tab. You will then have the ability to add the segment into the Audience Builder for targeting. Each account has a limit of 10,000 IP Address ranges.

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