Programmatic Media Buying & Upward Career Projection
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Jun 20

Programmatic provides upward career projection

Programmatic experienced exponential growth in 2015 and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. “U.S programmatic ad spend is projected to reach $20.41 billion by 2016, accounting for 63% of digital display ad spending overall,” predicts eMarketer. The industry has certainly created a lot of buzz around its expected growth, but what about the opportunity this growth presents to learn a new skill?

Learning programmatic is like learning any new skill. It requires adventure seekers who are driven and hungry to learn. The core concept of programmatic is pretty simple: it is the automated way of buying media. Since programmatic media buying is relatively new to the marketplace, those willing to learn the ropes will hold immense value for a company or agency. These leaders will understand that programmatic is a new concept and that there is a learning curve for the implementation and execution process.

Beyond the personal growth, marketers are looking to adopt programmatic media buying because it makes them better at their job. With programmatic ad buying, the purchase of media for businesses becomes an uncomplicated, efficient, and cost-effective affair. Largely automated, programmatic media buying is based on variables that marketers can set within a particular algorithm. After setting the algorithm, the automated technology will handle most of the meticulous labor; allowing marketers to get the best performance across the web. Its operational efficiency replaces tedious processes, including manual requests for proposals and separate insertion orders. Additionally, it can help marketers avoid rack-based, non-transparent pricing, saving both time and money.

The age of programmatic marketing is upon us, with IDC forecasting nearly $14 billion in real-time buying spend by 2016. With that being said, many companies have taken steps to guide adopters through the process and agencies are looking to integrate programmatic into their business processes. Those willing to learn the ropes of programmatic advertising are opening doors for themselves and making themselves indispensable for companies by learning a skill set that not many yet obtain. It offers a way to project any marketer’s career forward, all while learning a skill set that sits in a billion dollar industry.

About The Author

Megan Sullivan-Jenks is director of marketing & communications at Choozle – Easy Digital Advertising®. A self-proclaimed tinkerer, Megan's a problem solver for marketing and advertising strategies and execution. From nonprofits to consumer goods and software, she's an expert at creating online and offline marketing & communications strategies that are engaging and results-driven. Outside of the office, Megan rolls up her sleeves to enjoy all things DIY like sewing and woodworking.