Programmatic: Virtual Reality
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Jun 10

Programmatic virtual reality: Sci-Fi in the making

Imagine putting on your Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset, immersed in a new universe via the EVE: Valkyrie space-fighting game. Buckled into your spaceship and awaiting blast-off, you scan your utilitarian cockpit, reviewing the highly realistic instruments and gauges.

Much like your spaceship in EVE, the entire medium of virtual reality is set for an explosive launch. For marketers, VR will open up entirely new and exciting ways to engage with customers. Also, by applying the efficiencies, targeting, and scale of programmatic media execution into the virtual reality medium, an entirely new and exciting mode of customer engagement is born.

Back in your spaceship, imagine looking down at your watch. It’s a Garmin Forerunner—or, since you’re in a higher income bracket as identified by integrated third-party data in the “real world”,Šit’s a Tag Heuer timepiece. While scanning the instruments, you notice some subtle branding on the dashboard that says the gauges are built and powered by IBM—you recently researched the Cognitive Analytics solutions on the IBM Web site. As your ship passes through the futuristic humanity, you see Tesla-branded repowering stations, which are upselling a software upgrade for the Tesla 3 that sits 30 feet away in your “real” garage.

It’s a limitless opportunity to sync brands directly into the unique and realistic virtual environment. With the progression of technology and data powered by programmatic digital media, brand integrations can be seamless, highly targeted, and persuasive.

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