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Mar 20

Spring clean: digital marketing audit checklist

With today being the first day of spring (you aren’t fooling us, groundhog,) we’ve got cleaning up and cleaning out on the brain. We’re not only refreshing our closets, minds, and routines, but we’re also thinking it could be a good time to clean up our digital marketing campaigns, as well!

Download our free spring cleaning checklist, below, for a few quick and easy things you can do to make sure your digital advertising stays #fresh.

  • Create a new landing page or refresh your current one to create an all-new experience for sign-ups, downloads, contact forms, etc.
  • You knew we’d say this: new creatives! Come up with a couple of brand new creative assets to freshen up your ads.
  • If you’ve been duplicating the same ad groups or targeting for a while, maybe try something new in addition to what you already have! Who knows, it could become your new go-to.
  • Give our new contextual keyword targeting a shot!


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