Audience Data in Digital Advertising
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Feb 05

Unlocking the tremendous possibilities of audience data

The rise of programmatic media buying paired with easy to use tools and platform have given advertisers the ability to unlock the hidden gems in their audience data. This type of targeting provides the opportunity to market to their potential customers on a more granule level, using multiple channels, all while maximizing ROI– thanks to better audience data and insights.

Before the adoption of data management platforms, marketers often struggled in making sense of their customer data. This data was limited, stale, and did not offer much detail. Or was dispersed in several platforms or Excel documents. With the rise of programmatic, data targeting has become a central part in the execution of smart digital advertising campaigns. Advertisers use third-party data every day to increase campaign efficiency by identifying desired audiences and allotting ad spend accordingly. When properly utilized, third-party data can help marketers get the most out of their programmatic dollars, and play an integral role in success. However, putting a budget behind a third-party data provider is not always necessary, depending on what first-party data is already available and what type of data is needed for the campaign. When considering using data to inform a campaign, marketers should first assess their campaign goals and what is required to accomplish them, and then when appropriate, incorporate third-party data providers into their strategies

Audience data unlocks tremendous possibilities, such as the ability market to a broader, yet highly targeted audience, with a message that best resonates with one’s customers via multiple channels. Marketers are empowered with a greater understanding of website visitorŠ—’s demographics, psychographics, and behaviors. This type of strategy results in highly targeted digital advertising campaigns that are also highly relevant to the target audience.

With the ability to gain insight into an audience, comes the capacity to make better-informed decisions based on characteristics, and purchasing behavior and ultimately maximize RoAS.

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