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Jan 09

What does click-through mean?

In the digital marketing world, the term click-through is gold. More commonly it is referred to as CTR, which stands for “Click Through Rate”. CTR refers the percentage of people visiting a web page who access a hypertext link to a particular advertisement. It is calculated by taking the number of clicks an ad received and dividing that by the number of displays.

An ad’s CTR represents how well the ad converts a viewer into a clicker. Literally speaking, that’s all that it measures. A higher CTR represents a more persuasive ad than one that has a lower CTR. If we make assumptions about how the ad is being placed, it is somewhat related to the ad’s overall effectiveness in generating business.

Why Click-Through Rates Matter:

The open rate is a measurement of the number of people who have downloaded images within the email. While the amount of opens is definitely important, the click-through rate will accurately tell you how many people have interacted with your email by clicking on the links. With the prevalence of preview panes and email clients that block images, the click-through rate is often seen as the more valuable measurement for email marketers.

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