Women in Ad-Tech
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Mar 20

Women in ad tech

Choozle recently conducted a survey to understand the staffing makeup of women in the ad tech industry. The survey took into account the size of the company (small firm, mid-sized, or large firms), the number of female executives, females in mid-level and junior management, and if these companies had any initiatives in place to hire more women.

While 57 percent of occupations in the workforce are held by women, The technology industry sees an average of about 30 percent of women within their overall workforce and 15 percent in technical positions.


Small Ad-Tech Firms (less than 50 employees)

A total of six small firms participated in the survey. These firms had an average of only 1.8 females which occupied an executive role within the company (VP, COO, etc.), 3.3 women are in a mid-level management position, and 2.5 women occupied junior level management positions. Out of those six small firms, two already had women making up the majority of their workforce, while the other four had no strategic initiative in place to hire more women. Many stated there was potential for the growth of women within certain departments such as sales.

Mid-sized Ad-Tech Firms (100-499 employees)

A total of six mid-sized firms answered the questions on the make-up of women in their company. Out of the six firms, there was an average of 2.5 women in executive positions (one firm had more than 10 women in executive roles), 13.8 women in mid-level management positions, and 12.6 women in junior level management positions. Three of these six mid-sized firms already have a strategic initiative in place to hire or promote more women from within for leadership and executive roles. The other three firms shared that there was potential for women to grow into these types of leadership roles within the different areas of their company.


Large Ad-Tech Firms (500+ employees)

Only two large firms participated in the women in ad tech survey. One with 500+ employees has 1 female executive, 11-20 women in mid-level management, and over 20 women in junior management roles. Though, this particular firm does not have a strategic initiative in place to hire more women and balance out the women to men ratio. The second large firm to participate has over 1000 employees with more than 10 females in executive roles, more than 20 at mid-level management, and 11-20 at the junior level. This firm does have a strategic initiative in place to hire and promote women from within the company Š—– they intend to reach 50/50 staffing makeup by 2020.


Among the survey results it was discovered there are no female CEOŠ—’s or presidents. Additionally, the most common executive roles occupied by women are chief or VP of marketing and operations. Across all the data collected, the number of female executives doesnŠ—’t dramatically increase from small to mid-sized firms Š—– small firms tended to have more female executives. Final percentages across the surveyors are 28.57% of firms do not have women in executive leadership ranks, 50% of firms have 1-3 women in their executive leadership ranks, and 78.5% of firms have 3 or fewer women in their executive leadership ranks.

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