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Aug 21

Buckle up for campaign takeoff!

Getting a new digital advertising campaign off the ground, whether it’s your first or 31st, is a process. Designing new ads and landing pages, building new audiences, trying out new strategies, optimizing the campaign after launch, tracking performance—you get the picture.

For new users, resources like Choozle Academy, our CPM Cheat Sheet, and the Choozle Campaign Planner are great places to start. Alternatively, for Choozle pros, gathering historical data is a great step. But after you’ve exhausted all of those resources, how do you know what comes next?

We know it can be confusing, but the good news is that we’re here for you. The solution? A series of round-trip tips that highlight exploration, execution, optimization, and tracking. Choozle newbies and seasoned pros alike can benefit from following this four-step formula with each new campaign.

Download the infographic below and keep it nearby so that next time you’re launching a new campaign, you can stay on-track and on-target.

Choozle Printable Buckle Up for Campaign Takeoff

About The Author

Kate Marshall is the Marketing & Communications Manager at Choozle, a programmatic advertising technology company based in Denver, CO. In her role at Choozle, Kate leads efforts in content marketing including writing for and managing the company's blog, social media, and various SEO and PR strategies. Outside of the tech world, Kate is a certified yoga instructor and uses her personal brand to get real about mental health and wellness.

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