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Capture your audience’s attention in a fast-paced world with

Video Advertising

Reach a highly engaged audience from mobile to TV. Video advertising is a proven method to boost conversation rates, showcase your brand’s personality, and connect with viewers in an informative, engaging ad format across all screens and devices.

If you have any experience within the digital marketing sphere today, then you know just how valuable video advertisements can be.

Why do we love video ads?

Unlike streams of long and unyielding text, video advertisements allow businesses to engage their audience using a new range of creative tools to entertain and inform. With video advertising, you can reach highly engaged people in an ad format that drives interest and engagement.

Digital video advertising spending in the United States was estimated at $55.34 billion in this year alone. Video advertising continues to grow year over year, representing nearly 30% of the total digital ad dollars spent in the US on an annual basis.

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Where you can launch video advertising?

There are three main inventory types, each with different goals and use cases. Since vertical and outstream video ads are designed to blend in with the content on a publisher’s webpage, you can pair these video ad types with any other targeting tactic available within the Choozle platform.

Connected TV

Serve ads alongside premium content on CTV devices like Roku, SlingTV, and Amazon Fire. The goal for CTV campaigns is video completion rate (VCR).

Video Advertising

Create a more impactful brand experience where visual and audio elements come together to engage viewers. The goal for this video type is click-through rate.


Autoplay your ads as users scroll through a webpage to create a less intrusive ad experience. Use outstream video if your campaign goal is viewability.

Have your ads seen on premium video inventory.