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Jul 12

ChoozleCares community grant launches

Here at Choozle, we are committed to giving back to our community.

ChoozleCares is our new initiative to show our utmost appreciation for the non-profit organizations in Colorado that have shown compassion and generosity in the meaningful work that they do.

The ChoozleCares community grant program will create a month-long advertising campaign for four local nonprofits. Choozle will do everything from developing creatives assets, creating target audiences, implementing an advertising plan to optimizing the campaigns so that the nonprofits can focus on their charitable work.

Š—“At Choozle, we strive to always act in accordance with our companyŠ—’s values,Š— explains Choozle CEO, Andrew Fischer. Š—“Helping out the rest of our community isnŠ—’t something we want to do; itŠ—’s something that we must do.Š—

Š—“IŠ—’m really excited for these campaigns and canŠ—’t wait to see how they turn out. ItŠ—’ll be great to see the donations that come in specifically because of our ads. ChoozleŠ—’s dedication to generosity and kindheartedness is one of the countless reasons why I love working here,Š— shares Choozle Director of Marketing, Megan Sullivan-Jenks.

Four organizations will be chosen to have Choozle completely organize and manage a one-month personalized digital advertising campaign. Choozle will create a target audience, implement an advertising plan, and optimize the campaigns.

Tell us your story. Apply by July 20th, 2017!

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