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We Are Choozle – the Platform & the People

We have created a powerful, design-focused platform that seamlessly blends user experience and technical capability. At the heart of it all lies the creative and hard-working individuals that make up our rock star team. Our team is an eclectic group from all over who have been thoughtfully selected for their unique talents, focus and pursuit of success. You will only deal with “A” players at Choozle—isn’t that what every client deserves no matter the size of the campaign?

From our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we are changing the way marketers of all shapes and sizes are buying media and interacting with consumer data. Our full-power, full-feature platform is available to anyone, not just the big players.

Founded in 2012 by Jeffrey Finch and Andrew Fischer. Two guys with lots of experience and some good fortune…

Take a peek into Choozle and why we love what we do.

Digital Marketing Made Easy® is the starting point. See how a group of creative and hard-working individuals make it happen and have fun along the way.

Digital Advertising Made Easy

Everything we do flows from this mantra. Our Engineers have designed the platform to be intuitive and simple. Our Sales team makes it easy to demo and try the platform. Our Marketing team makes it easy to understand what we do through simplified messaging. Our Client Success and Ad Operations Team make it simple to learn and master the platform. In a crowded ad technology sea of confusing and expensive platforms and solutions, Choozle is the panacea. Our platform and team provide a fast, simple and effective digital marketing solution.

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Designing and building a great user experience into powerful, scalable action is done by finding technical solutions to design problems. Supporting and operating a rapidly scaling, feature-rich programmatic ad buying and data management platform complete with cutting edge training and course study takes expert communicators and quick thinkers. Shaking up a huge market takes open-minded, determined leadership that can navigate fast-chasing conditions. Sound like fun to you?


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