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Mar 01

Display advertising 101: Improving user experience featured on PerformanceIn

Digital advertising is experiencing a shift towards a mobile and multiscreen world, and despite increasingly available opportunities, the user experience is not always awesome. According to IABŠ—’s Improving Digital Advertising Experiences report, 73% of marketers feel that user experience has to be developed in digital advertising.

User experience is more important than ever for consumers and thatŠ—’s what brands – and their agencies – tend to overlook when creating a new ad. ItŠ—’s the combination of speed, relevance, quality and security that nudges users to engage with an advertising experience, and modern marketers should focus more in this direction.

The more advertisements placed with the user experience, the more challenging it is to gain an interaction. To get the engagement needed from users, there are different steps marketers can take to improve the user experience in display advertising.

Read the full article on PerformanceIn.

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