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Nov 13

Don’t be a turkey with your digital advertising

The pumpkins are carved, the turkey is bought, and all of your digital advertising holiday campaigns are ready to go. Right Š—_? If so, then great! YouŠ—’re on track to reap in all the benefits of the yearŠ—’s biggest shopping season. If not, thereŠ—’s still time to get your ads in front of the hoards of people who will flock online in the coming months.

DonŠ—’t get swept up in a whirlwind of tinsel and regret. With ChoozleŠ—’s dynamic (and extensive) catalog of seasonal data segments and contextual categories, programmatic advertising is as easy as pecan pie.

Thanksgiving Š—– To grandmotherŠ—’s house we go! Millions of people will cook, bake, or travel for Thanksgiving this year. DonŠ—’t miss out – Choozle can help you advertise to them all. Check out the following data segments offered by Data Alliance.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Š—– People will be scouring the Internet for the best deals this holiday season. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are huge revenue opportunities for tons of businesses, so why not join in the fun?

Winter Seasonal Š—– There are seasonal data segments for nearly every product or service. Target people who will entertain guests this winter, those who will look for seasonal baking recipes, or even those who want to avoid the flu. Below youŠ—’ll see a few great examples from Data Alliance.

Contextual Categories Š—– Want to try out a contextual ad group in addition to all of the great data segments listed above? Take advantage of the booming holiday industry by advertising on sites that will be hot this time of year.

Seasonal Creative Š—– Holiday shoppers will be bombarded with ads this season. Help yours stand out by spicing up those creative assets with some seasonal messaging.

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