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Programmatic Advertising Campaign Setup & Management

Achieve Campaign Goals, Anywhere in the Customer Funnel—Within a Single Platform

Brand Awareness & Prospecting

Programmatic advertising campaigns are effective to get more eyeballs on your brand. Set yourself up for success with wide-reaching, cost-effective digital marketing campaigns that are simple to set-up and optimize. Find customers nearly anywhere online, with unlimited access to premium targeting data across thousands of segments.

Customer Acquisition & Lead Generation

No matter where your potential clients are online, you can reach them with true multi-channel strategies. Easily launch campaigns across desktop, video, mobile and social channels with full transparency. Pro Tip—use Choozle’s optional Insights / CRM Data packages to determine which prospects have the highest value to your business.

Client Retention—Keep Them Coming Back

Future growth for your company or brand depends on strengthening the relationships with your existing clients. Stay relevant to them with timely communication via retargeting campaigns for mobile devices, as well as desktop environments. Present loyalty offers on social channels to promote your brand and remain top of mind to your best customers—the ones who are already spending with you.

  • Quick Setup
  • Performance Tracking Through Choozle Smart Tag Container
  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Across Multiple Ad Networks
  • Powerful Auto-Optimization Tools
  • Campaign & Multi-Level Conversion Tracking
  • Flexible & Effective Bid Adjustment options
  • Audience Builder with Reach & CPM cost
  • Privacy Compliant/Ad Choices Compliant

See How the Power of Big Data & the Efficiency of Real-Time Advertising Blends into a Simple Platform

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