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Data Targeted Digital Marketing & Onboarding Platform

Rich Data Insights, Audience Building & CRM Onboarding

Data Management & Consumer Analytics

Choozle’s Audience Insights aggregates and organizes rich and actionable data represented in 8,000+ segments. Understand your visitors like never before with focus on Demographics, Purchase Behaviors, Interests, Psychographics, Intent and B2B. Create targetable audiences in real-time for your media campaigns.

Onboard CRM Data for Digital Matching

Quickly onboard list data and serve digital media campaigns to that list through our automated system. Gain deeper understanding of your lists through our Audience Insights feature, provided with each upload. Compatible with nearly all CRM and email marketing platforms including Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Hubspot, Marketo and others.

  • Audience Insights on Your Website Visitors
  • Audience/Market Research
  • Insights Across Demographics, Purchase Behaviors, Lifestyle, Media Consumption, Financials & B2B
  • CRM Matching on Your Customer Database or Email Lists
  • Sophisticated Data Aggregation
  • Website & List Segmentation Capabilities for Remarketing
  • 250+ Subcategories with 8,000+ Relevant Data Segments
  • Industry-Leading 3rd-Party Data Partners

See How the Power of Big Data & the Efficiency of Real-Time Advertising Blends into a Simple Platform

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