2017 Digital Advertising Key Findings
& Best Practices Whitepaper

Dig into your digital advertising campaign metrics to find what produces results

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Digital Advertising might seem daunting as the ecosystem is always changing. By continually learning from your previous campaigns, you can make it more manageable and continue producing results.

The Choozle Digital Advertising Key Findings & Best Practices Whitepaper analyzes digital advertising campaigns executed in the Choozle platform to gather trends and benchmarks to apply to future campaigns.

The digital advertising campaign data examines common audience targeting strategies, CPM and CTR trends, and the key indicators of a successful campaign.

By exploring previous digital advertising campaigns, Choozle provides best practices for programmatic going forward, and what marketers and advertisers can expect to see in 2017.

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“Choozle’s platform made it simple, as well as easy, to plan and execute our digital marketing efforts. These RTB campaigns have been instrumental in driving our growth.”
Lea BailesCo-Founder, SOCK101