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Advertising Platform Perfect for Publishers

Complement Your Core Business with Programmatic Scale

The flexibility, variety, & targeting capabilities within the Choozle platform create a wealth of highly-sellable advertising products.

In minutes, layer your core media products with Insights / CRM Data packages that increase the scale and effectiveness of any ad campaign. With a simple interface and world-class support and training, growing a scalable programmatic media business is now a reality with minimal investment.

Key Features for Publishers

Audience Extension

We understand that your business is unique. As the first Customized DSP, our platform and approach can be tailored to your individual marketing needs.

Broad Online Reach

Enjoy the widest possible online reach. Our platform integrates with over 30 leading AdExchanges, covering 97% of bidded inventory across Europe and the Americas.

Brand Safety

Our technology ensures that your advertiser's campaigns are only ever shown in appropriate, non-fraudulent sites.


Through in-dashboard and exportable reporting, Choozle gives you complete insight into campaign performance based on your unique advertising goals.

See How the Power of Big Data & the Efficiency of Real-Time Advertising Blends into a Simple Platform

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Case Studies

"Choozle offers an easy to use platform that equips our local media teams with the tools necessary to run digital campaigns that provide ROI for our local advertisers."

Doug Gesiorski
Vice President of Operations

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