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Apr 27

Gender representation in ad tech featured in MarTech Advisor

Gender representation is a hot topic in todayŠ—’s world, especially as it relates to women within the technology industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are 33 percent more likely to gain a college degree than men and make up 47.5 percent of the countryŠ—’s workforce. To extend it further, the technology industry sees an average of about 30 percent of women within their overall workforce and 15 percent in technical positions. As a female that works in ad-tech, I see the gap between women and men being narrowed over time, but it is still in need of improvement Š—– and there is something we, as an industry, can do. We must do more than Š—…talk the talk,Š—’ on gender equality. Instead, we must put into place a mix of inclusive talent and advancement strategies, which demonstrate results.

Read the full article on MarTech Advisors.

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