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Feb 08

How can agencies take advantage of programmatic?

Programmatic may be a complex landscape to navigate, but the reality is that itŠ—’s a necessary component of digital advertising. Big agencies are committing to programmaticŠ—”according to Forbes, almost half of agencies expect to use programmatic for 60% of the budgets. The question is, how does it fit into your agency, and how to you seamlessly adopt programmatic? Read below for five tips on how agencies can take advantage of programmatic.

1. The Learning Phase

This is especially important because it dictates how you come to understand what programmatic is and how it can fit into your agency. Learning the programmatic process involves explaining programmatic-related terms in detail, such as the process of media buying through real-time bidding. By breaking down programmatic into simpler terms and observing how other agencies use programmatic in their digital marketing pursuits through case studies, you will be able to get a sense of the industry and how your agency can use it.

2. The Trial Run: incorporating programmatic

Once you have a sense of what programmatic means, itŠ—’s time to slowly incorporate it into some of the brands you work with within your agency. Once you find a client to agree to run a campaign using programmatic technology, you can see hands on how well it serves your client. In this phase, make sure to take advantage of the different targeting options that the programmatic industry provides, such as retargeting, which can substantially increase conversions and increase click through rates.

3. Keep an eye out

The great part of the programmatic industry (and working with a platform like Choozle!) is that you have access to all of your campaignŠ—’s metrics at a click of a button. Thus, by monitoring how well your campaign is running, you can get a sense of what changes you need to make to reach the right audience. Changing different parts of your campaign is easily doneŠ—”for example, if you want to increase your budget, you can simply edit your campaign and change it. If you want to try targeting a different audience, you can change the segments youŠ—’re using to target people. Choozle also allows you to provide your clients with audience insights so that you can see who your audience is, including their demographic information and purchase behaviors.

4. Creative Counts

Just because you’re adopting programmatic doesnŠ—’t mean your creative is any less important. Creative is still an integral part of relaying your clientŠ—’s message to their audience; as such, it should still be a priority. With programmatic, there are different ad sizes you can create for your creativeŠ—”be sure to have at least the most popular sizes available so that your ad can be served in the maximum amount of places possible. The benefit of programmatic is that you can also test your different creative options. You can do so by creating two different campaigns with your different creative and then seeing which one performs better. Then, based on your answer and can discontinue the creative campaign that isnŠ—’t performing as well.

5. Expand

Another benefit of the Choozle platform and programmatic is that it is incredibly scalable. Once you see the benefits that programmatic provides to your clients, you can add other clients easily into the Choozle platform easily!

Programmatic adoption doesnŠ—’t have to be complicated. As long as you take the time to truly understand how the process works, your campaign can be up and running in no time!

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