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Oct 07

How programmatic is making agencies a better place

Programmatic media buying is making agencies a better place by simplifying the media buying process and allowing agencies to execute more dynamic strategies that match their clients growing needs.

Programmatic media buying allows agencies to be subject matter specialists and own the execution process. Agencies now have a unique opportunity to take control of their media buying and bring the operation in-house. This transition allows for agencies or brands flexibility and oversight of what theyŠ—’re buying and at what price.

Programmatic allows agencies to execute effective strategies that enable them to serve their clients changing needs. Programmatic is executed through real-time bidding, thus enabling agencies to make changes in real-time, whenever a client request comes in.

Programmatic is growing, and so are the needs of clients. As the ad tech ecosystem becomes more sophisticated, so do the incoming needs and requests. Programmatic enables marketers to quickly create highly targeted, complex digital advertising campaigns. With this capability comes the request of clients to want these same sophisticated ads to be set up as rapidly and as accurately as their competitors. Programmatic enables agencies to manage multiple clients and their requests with ease and scalability.

Programmatic brings simplicity, scalability, and ease of use to agencies. It enables agencies to take ownership of their execution process and create dynamic strategies to match their clients growing needs.

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