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Aug 26

In-stream vs. in-banner

pexels-photo (3)In-stream and in-banner are two forms of video ads readily available within online advertising. Both in-stream and in-banner video ads offer various benefits for different reasons. Let’s dive into what these two forms of video ads are and how they can help you better serve relevant ads to your consumer.

In-Banner Video Advertising

In-banner advertisements are video-embedded banner ads that appear on a variety of websites. These types of video ads usually follow IAB standard sizing.

In-stream Video Advertising

In comparison, in-stream video advertising is a type of video ad that lives within a video player. In-stream video ads are inserted into a stream as a consumer is viewing an ad through their video player. There are three types of in-stream ads, which are based on when a viewer sees the ad: Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. Pre-roll ads are shown before a video’s content. Mid-roll ads appear somewhere between the beginning and end of a video, more as commercials. Post-roll ads are shown once a video has finished in its entirety.

Why Does this Matter?

It is important to understand the different types of video advertising and their core components. Many ad networks have different names for their offerings, so understanding the basic types of online video advertising is important when deciding what offerings to choose from. Providing your clients with a variety of ways to show their video ads is also important in enabling clients to reach consumers in the most efficient way.

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