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Nov 03

Mobile vs desktop traffic breakdown

It’s true. Your Mobile and Desktop visitors are different and you should treat them differently in your digital marketing plan. Knowing where and when your marketing messaging garners the highest consumer response is essential for promoting your business successfully and providing the highest return.


Mobile provides a marketing platform to express your message with fewer distractions. Your mobile advertisement is isolated on a mobile device. A potential visitor wonŠ—’t see all the clutter that would be present if they were searching on their desktop.


Desktop provides a space for increased engagement with your advertising message. A potential visitor has the ability to click-through on your ad and navigate your website with ease. Typically visitors spending some time perusing websites on their desktop are in no real rush to make an immediate purchase.

To begin optimizing your mobile and desktop campaigns, test your messaging and promotions for both desktop and mobile campaigns. Identify the key performance metrics that will allow you to classify the conversions that result from each. Maybe your mobile advertisement will elicit a call to the store, but the same desktop advertisement will have visitors entering the purchase funnel. Use similar phrasing and promotions during testing to allow for a proper comparison of the two platforms.

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