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Dec 16

New year, nowŠ—’s the time for programmatic

There are only two weeks until the end of 2016. With the new year coming at us like a waffle to the face, itŠ—’s time to look at what you should incorporate into your next marketing strategy.

Programmatic is moving beyond the stage of being a trend. It is and should be a staple in any digital advertising campaign. Between RTB, ease of use, and innovative data collection and targeting itŠ—’s no wonder that programmatic is expected to grow 31% in the next year. So, for those of you still in the traditional media buying realm, why? Is it the time to learn programmatic, the money for hiring someone new, or simply a fear of the unknown? Whatever the reason may be, weŠ—’re here to help you through the transition. ItŠ—’s time.

Taking the time to learn programmatic doesnŠ—’t have to be a month(s) long endeavor. With ongoing training and education, making the switch from traditional to programmatic is as easy as pie. You could seek out someone who already has the experience working on a programmatic platform. But, you donŠ—’t have to! Training current employees (or hiring new) is a significant investment in placing your business among those already engaged in the world of programmatic and ahead of those who have yet to jump on the wagon. Programmatic isnŠ—’t going anywhere. And, itŠ—’s nothing to fear. With easy reporting, simple audience building, and brilliant targeting capabilities, programmatic is the one thing a business shouldnŠ—’t be anxious about taking on board with their marketing and advertising. Programmatic advertising is the tool needed to ring in the new year correctly and start the latest resolution of moving beyond the world of traditional advertising.

Programmatic in 2017 is going to be bigger than Violet Beauregard after she eats Willy WonkaŠ—’s gum. Expect new innovations, capabilities beyond the current trends, and a continual ease of use. This includes mobile and alternative targeting strategies such as IP and mobile targeting, location targeting, and other specialized strategies for reaching consumers. Not to mention the overall increase in adoption moving from innovators and early adopters to majority adopters. And, the expected programmatic spend growth reaching 58% of the total trading market and $64 billion dollars by 2018. ThatŠ—’s tripling the expected spend of $22.1 billion by the end of 2016.

DonŠ—’t fall behind and miss what will be the biggest year in programmatic to date. NowŠ—’s the time, make the change!

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