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Self-Service Programmatic Platform Enablement

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The programmatic buzzwords have settled at your doorstep and now you need to figure out how to fit it into your internal operations.

Do you need to hire someone? How will you make money from it? Choozle’s Programmatic Platform Enablement Guide will help you navigate questions like these, provide actionable next steps, and share how to make programmatic a successful component of your business.

In our Platform Enablement Guide, you will learn:

  • Step 1: Align with Leadership & Identify Operators
  • Step 2: Establish Product/Service Offerings
  • Step 3: Make Money

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We bring you transparent access to all the same powerful digital advertising planning, buying and measurement tools that the big players use.

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Real-time programmatic advertising platform built for simple operation, yet powerful enough to handle campaigns of any size.

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Access to 50+ premium data providers who represent over 100,000 targeting segments, including website visitor and CRM matching.

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No minimum ad spend. Unlimited advertiser accounts. Simple pay-as-you-go subscriptions for ad buying and data products.

“Choozle’s platform made it simple, as well as easy, to plan and execute our digital marketing efforts. These RTB campaigns have been instrumental in driving our growth.”
Lea BailesCo-Founder, SOCK101