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Jul 18

For publishers: increasing revenue & effectiveness with audience extension

Audience extension is currently being leveraged by 3 out of 4 digital publishers. This increase of adoption is a clear indication that this strategy is gaining traction and providing positive, revenue generating results to many players in the digital space.

Increased Efficiency & ROI

So how can audience extension increase efficiency and ROI for publishers? Audience Extension is a strategy that enables digital publishers to monetize their web traffic by offering their inventory to advertisers, enabling publishers to extend their reach far beyond their website visitors. Through audience extension, publishers can track their website visitors, and then advertisers can serve ads to that audience on different sites as they continue browsing the web. Publishers have the opportunity to control how much of their onsite inventory they want to open up for advertising if any.


The increase of the use of audience extension by publishers has also led to an increase in the number of publishers leveraging DMPs, or data management platforms. DMPs allow publishers to gather information on their website visitors to assist with the selling of their inventory. In addition, publishers are equipped with the technology to offer Audience Extension as an additional strategy for their advertisers.


What emerged from the recent publisher adoption of Audience Extension is encouragingŠ—”while it is a difficult time for digital publishers, it is also filled with opportunity. Publishers are beginning to operationalize in a much more thoughtful way, by simplifying processes to generate ROI, incorporating programmatic strategies, and creating unique offerings that meet market demand.



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