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Nov 20

Reach holiday shoppers everywhere with cross-device

As the holidays are approaching, itŠ—’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the people browsing and shopping online. After all, thereŠ—’s no better time to increase your return on investment and conversions than the holiday time, when people are constantly thinking about what presents they should get their loved ones. One of the best strategies to reach the maximum amount of people possible is to run your campaign on multiple devices.

What are all the different devices that I can advertise on?

The Choozle platform allows you to advertise your brand on multiple devices. This includes display advertising (on computers), advertising on tablets, and advertising on mobile. In addition, our digital marketing platform campaigns on social, video and display mediums, so that you can diversify where and what kinds of ads youŠ—’re running.

How does a cross-device strategy help me reach more people?

The different types of people that use different devices and different websites can answer the first part of this question. A cross-device strategy would allow you to reach every generation more effectively. Smartphones, for example, are a great way to reach millennials. 36% of millennials search for product information on their smartphone, and also spend more time on social media, making that a useful channel for you to advertise on. Generation X spends about 15 hours online per week, and the baby boomers generation is also more likely to use a computer. By spreading your campaign across all the devices, your brand is more likely to reach not only more people but also more types of people.

How do I know if my brand is benefitting from a cross-device strategy?

Luckily, the Choozle platform makes it incredibly easy to track how your different campaigns are doing. You will be able to see how many impressions were served, how many were won, and the click-through rate associated with your campaign. If a campaign isnŠ—’t performing as strongly as you like, you can easily change your target audience in the Choozle platform, as well as compare to see what campaigns are the most successful across what devices and the audience insights associated with those wins.

For mobile, should I advertise within an app or on the web?

Part of a cross-device strategy is balancing what places your audience is going to be so that you can serve them with ads that will (hopefully) lead them to buy your product. Mobile internet users are shown to use both the web and apps consistently. But, users spend 86% of their time on apps such as gaming, Facebook, social messaging, and Youtube, and 14% of their time in the mobile web browser. While these numbers may lead you to invest more in-app advertising, also keep in mind that having a foot in both the mobile app and the mobile web is important to reach the largest amount of customer possible.

So, as more people turn to the web to find presents for the holidays, itŠ—’s the optimal time for you to rethink your digital marketing strategy. If youŠ—’re not already advertising in mobile, now might be a good time to start. By using programmatic advertising across multiple devices, you will have the ability to reach holiday shoppers everywhere!

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