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Feb 22

Staying on it: campaign pacing alerts now available

When youŠ—’re running digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms, monitoring the progress of these campaigns can be time consuming.

Since weŠ—’re always trying to make things easier for you, the programmatic ninja at your agency, we have made an improvement to our campaign dashboard to make monitoring the pace of your campaigns even easier.

To empower better tracking of your campaignŠ—’s pacing, the pacing bar found in both your campaign and ad group-level dashboard has been updated with a new algorithm and easy-to-read color-coding.

The color-coding will allow you to quickly glance at each ad group in a campaign to see how you are pacing to the ad groupŠ—’s budget. If you know how to read a traffic signal, youŠ—’ll be a natural at reading our pacing bar.

  • Red: Pacing 20% or more behind, pay attention now!
  • Yellow: Pacing 10-19% behind, pay attention!
  • Green: Pacing on-track, good to go!
  • Purple: Pacing over-budget, slow it down!

On the back end of our system, weŠ—’ve also adjusted the way the pacing is calculated. Directly connected to the timeframe you have selected for the dashboard view, the system will now calculate how much you have spent, divided by the projected daily spend during that timeframe.

Basically, weŠ—’ve made reading pacing bars like riding a bike: it just naturally makes sense.

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