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Jul 06

The blending of mar-tech & ad tech

How do you build a cohesive marketing strategy that will enable you to target your consumer on every level of the marketing funnel? The answer is to leverage the blending of ad-tech and mar-tech. Ad-tech enables you to advertise on display, mobile, social, and video. It allows you to target and retarget through first and third party data while paying on a CPM model. Mar-tech comes into play further down the marketing funnel, assisting with acquisition and retention by means of email or search marketing to re-engage your consumer. By blending ad-tech and mar-tech, you can develop a full scope solution to comprehensively reach your consumer.

This webinar was recorded in front of a live audience on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at 2:00 PM MST and covers mar-tech and ad-tech and how to blend the two to build a cohesive marketing strategy for your next programmatic advertising campaign.

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