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Aug 09

The Force: Choozle Hack Day 2017

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, through Wednesday, August 16, 2017, Choozle will be hosting our first ever Hack Day! Choozle employees will join forces to create and learn from one another on a variety of topics and projects.

Brainstormed Hack Day Team Names:

  • Baby Got Hack
  • Hackelmore
  • Hack to the Future
  • Michael Hackson and the Hackson 5
  • Go Hack Go
  • Hack Daniels
  • Hack Sparrow
  • Action Hackson

Why We’re Excited About Hack Day

“I’m excited because HackDay is a great way to fast-forward into the future and use The Force to realize some of our biggest opportunities.” – John Schnipkoweit, Chief Technology Officer


“Hack Day is cool because it allows us to work with people in different departments, which could potentially unlock the keys to automating parts of our jobs that we spend tedious amounts of time on. We get to learn and have fun with each other on what would normally be a regular day in the office.Š— – Kirk Nicklaus, Business Intelligence Manager


Š—“IŠ—’m excited to work with people that I donŠ—’t get to interact with on a daily basis. I already know what my fellow coworkers excel at, so itŠ—’ll be exciting to see what else they can bring to the table! There are so many great ideas flying around already. It will also be a fun self-challenge to see what I can contribute to as well.Š— – Erin Shimamoto, Graphic Designer


Š—“IŠ—’m excited to see Choozle Hack Day transform imagination into innovation. It presents each employee with the opportunity to turn their ideas into a reality.Š— – Hunter Phillips, Ad Operations Coordinator


“I’m excited about the collaborative and experiential aspects of Choozle Hack Day. How lucky are we! We get the chance to play and create together. No goals, no pressure, just a bunch of brilliant people freely sharing their brilliance and expertise.” – Justin Lawson, UI Engineer

Topics/Projects Up for Vote

  • Choozle Conversational Interface – aka Choozle Bot
  • Interactive Campaign Planner Guide
  • CPM Calculator
  • and many more!

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