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Mar 12

The programmatic opportunity

The automated process of buying digital media – AKA programmatic – offers several advantages for marketers and advertisersIn this webinar, we discuss the opportunities programmatic advertising offers by taking a side-by-side look at traditional media buying versus programmatic. 

We’ll cover a variety of topics to include what’s involved in the process of media buying: the pricing, reporting, optimization, and efficiency of both traditional and programmatic. All of this will be tied together by taking a contrasting look at the then and the now of the industry. Traditionally, the media buying process is costly, time-consuming, and hard to track, among other negatives. With programmatic, all of these disadvantages are turned into benefits by speeding up and automating the process, saving agencies and brands alike time, money, and resources. 

All in all, programmatic is an incredibly effective way to advertise online when the right strategic planning and targeting is applied. Watch this webinar for a full overview on the opportunity that programmatic advertising presents and how to best take advantage of it!

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