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Oct 07

Tips for digital advertising creative sizes

When choosing what sizes to use for your digital advertising creative, there’s strategy involved. Should you go with common sizes or uncommon sizes? WhatŠ—’s the difference between the two? What will optimize my click-through rate and impressions won? Find out all your creative size related answers to your questions below!

Non-traditional ad sizes may be daunting to run at first, but itŠ—’s important to know all the information concerning them before you start your campaign.

1. ThereŠ—’s less inventory: less common ad sizes donŠ—’t have as large an inventory as common ad sizes.

2. ThereŠ—’s less competition: less common ad sizes have less competition when ads are bidding against each other. Thus, if you create these ad sizes, youŠ—’re more likely to win that bidŠ—”putting you one step closer to winning that impression.

3. Cost: depending on the ad size, the cost of non-traditional ads can be more or less. If the ad takes up the full screen, it will more than likely cost more whereas if it is a small square in the corner of the website, it will probably cost less.


Top performing display sizes (desktop): 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper), 300×250 (Medium Rectangle), 728×90 (Leaderboard), 300×600 (Half Page Ad)

Top performing display sizes (mobile): 300×50 (Mobile Leaderboard), 320×50 (Mobile Leaderboard), 336×280 (Large Rectangle), 1024×768 (Tablet Interstitial Landscape), 768×1024 (Tablet Interstitial Portrait)

Overall, while less common ad sizes will have fewer inventories available, they come at a lower bid, which means saved money for you! ItŠ—’s smart to have a mix of both common and uncommon ad sizes in order to maximize viewability and minimize cost.

Download our Choozle Creative Specifications one-sheeter as your go-to guide for all things digital advertising creative, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions.

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