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Feb 17

Top 5 benefits of programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising offers many benefits beyond faster reporting times and endless data. The total number of benefits offered by programmatic is often what sways marketers and advertisers to start buying their media this way. In fact, more than two-thirds of U.S. digital advertising spend is through programmatic. Below are the top five benefits of programmatic advertising that (most likely) pushed marketers and advertisers to start spending more of their digital advertising budget with programmatic.


  1. Transparency

Programmatic advertising offers a layer of transparency that marketers and advertisers canŠ—’t get from traditional advertising. Through programmatic advertising, advertisers can see exactly what sites their advertisements are reaching, the type of customer looking at their ad, and any costs associated with the advertisement. Advertisers can view all of this information in real time. ThereŠ—’s no waiting until the campaign is over, lack of information, or unknowns. With one click of the mouse marketers and advertisers are able to view anything related to their live campaign.


  1. Real-time measurement

Real-time reporting and data measurement? Every marketer and advertiserŠ—’s dream? You can achieve that dream with programmatic advertising! Advertisers can now measure exactly how their creative, campaign, and overall targeting is running as soon as it is launched. Unlike traditional advertising (i.e. billboards, print advertisements, digital advertising through a publisher, etc.) you don’t have to wait until the end of the campaign to learn your results and there won’t be any missing information. The entire path your digital advertisement takes will be viewable as soon as the campaign launches.


  1. Efficiency

The overall efficiency of digital advertising has greatly improved with the ability to measure how a campaign is running throughout that entire campaign. Real-time measurement, mentioned earlier, allows advertisers the ability to track their campaign and make adjustments and optimizations as needed. Optimizing ensures that each campaign is running at total efficiency, reaching only those Š—“idealŠ— targeting customers, while using the budget effectively.


  1. Targeting

If youŠ—’ve heard anything about programmatic, youŠ—’ve probably heard the term targeting following shortly after. Digital advertising targeting allows marketers and advertisers to directly reach those customers most likely to complete the goal conversion Š—– aka the ideal customer. Through programmatic advertising, marketers and advertisers can target these ideal customers through IP targeting (zoning in on a specific IP address – usually good for targeting a business), geolocation targeting (east/west coast, state, city, zip code), or category and site targeting. Additionally, programmatic advertising allows marketers and advertisers to retarget customers after they have visited their site. Initially, only 2% of consumers convert on the first visit to a website. With retargeting, marketers and advertisers are now able to continue to reach out to those ideal customers and get the other 98% to participate in a conversion.


  1. Reach

The last major benefit of programmatic advertising is the potential reach a marketer or advertiser has compared to traditional advertising. At any given time, there is an average of 3.5 billion people on the internet. ThatŠ—’s a potential reach (depending on where the advertiser is targeting) of 3.5 billion people. So, not only is the potential reach so much more than say a billboard on I-25, marketers and advertisers are able to track that potential reach instantly. As soon as people begin to look at the display advertisement, advertisers can see just how many people looked at it, who it was that looked at it, where they were located, and so much more.


These five benefits are just a few of the many that come along with running programmatic advertising. Are you looking for transparency? Do you want to be able to measure the success of your campaign as soon as it launches? Would you like more efficiency, better targeting capabilities, and a higher reach? Are you looking for less stress and more time when running a campaign? Then you should be pulling the lever and making the switch to programmatic. ItŠ—’s worth it.

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