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Feb 07

Traditional media buying vs programmatic media buying

ThereŠ—’s a reason programmatic is expected to grow nearly 1,000% in the next three years: ItŠ—’s efficient.

Written I/Os, phone calls, and working lunches were all hallmarks of traditional media buying, but nowadays many advertisers are choosing to automate the process. After all, who wouldnŠ—’t want to free up his or her calendar and make online buys that are more targeted and cost-effective at the same time?

That said, some buyers are still reticent to engage with programmatic out of concerns for brand safety. They prefer instead to work directly with publishers, ensuring their ads are placed on the sites and specific sections of their choosing.

With programmatic advertising, digital ad buying is faster, more efficient, and less expensive. Also, advertisers now have more granularity into their advertising campaigns by paying for impressions individually and using a dashboard to strategically manage and target their ad campaigns automated method of buying digital advertising. Whereas with traditional advertising, digital advertising used to be bought and sold manually. Ad networks bought ad impressions ahead of time from a lot of different sites and apps and repackaged them to be sold to advertisers with no transparency. This process involved salespeople, RFPs, and a whole bunch of human error. This process was inefficient and unreliable.

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