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Nov 08

What is a tag?

If you’re in the digital marketing and advertising space you have probably heard the word ‘TAG’ thrown around. (We’re guilty of it.) But what does it mean and how is it used? Here is the ‘What’, ‘How’, and ‘Why’ behind tags.


Tags are snippets of code that usually placed in the <head> of a page which enables third-party tracking, analysis, and reporting. Google Analytics and other analytics platforms are an obvious tag, but remarketing, conversion tracking, affiliates, and advanced customer insight services utilize tags as well (and, of course, Choozle enables you to use the Choozle Smart Container Tag).


To add any sort of tag/tracking code snippet, you must have access to your website source code, be relatively comfortable with HTML (or have a developer that can help you), and have the suggested code snippet. Most third-party tracking, analysis, and reporting platforms will generate a customized snippet just for your website.

Once you have access to your website source code, you should see a box with several lines of JavaScript in it. Everything in this box is your tracking code snippet. It starts with <script> and ends with </script>. Paste you tag/tracking code snippet immediately before the closing </head> tag.


For digital marketers and advertisers, it is essential to understand your website visitors to maximize the use and engagement of your website. You can track conversions and other site activity of any visitor by pasting tracking code into your website.

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