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Oct 27

What is: A UTM code

UTM Code or Urchin Traffic Monitors (or Modules) are short, coded text snippets attached to the end of URLs that tracks the success of a marketing strategy.

This (free) tracking technique from Google allows marketers to set campaign parameters to identify where traffic to the website came from. UTM parameters can help determine whether a particular strategy was successful and exactly which channels helped contribute to the overall success of the campaign.

For digital marketers, it has become even more important to show ROI of a marketing campaign. Creating UTM codes for advertisements and banners can help monitor which sites are attracting the most traffic to your website as well as what creative messaging is getting the most engagement.

To start you’ll need to use GoogleŠ—’s URL Builder to generate the URL and UTM code for you. You’ll be able to view your marketing campaigns to Google Analytics campaign section. This could give you additional insight to the success of your campaign and allow you to optimize on the fly.

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