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Digital Advertising with Ease

Empowering agencies, marketers, and publishers with control and transparency.

Self-service digital advertising at your fingertips. We offer marketing agency software that fits your needs and goals.


Plan & manage for your clients with ease

Save your time and brain power for strategizing—our marketing agency software streamlines the time-consuming tasks of traditional media buying. When you aren’t dealing with insertion orders and back and forths between clients and vendors, you can focus on strategy and optimization.

White Labeling
Keep the look and feel of your brand. With white labeling, you can brand our platform as your own with your company’s name, logo, and colors.

Unlimited Advertiser Accounts 
Manage all of your digital ad buying in one place. The number of accounts you can run is limitless.

Data Targeting
Leverage first-party data from clients and third-party data from premium data partners to execute data-driven campaigns.
“Choozle has given our agency expanded digital capabilities that provide a tangible advantage for our clients. Our clients have benefitted from better results and more campaign accountability.”

Jeff Jones
Director of Media Services
McCulloch + Company
“Choozle has allowed us unprecedented transparency into our programmatic delivery. It has enabled a seamless transition from managed services to in-house thanks to an intuitive, yet powerful and robust platform.”

Matt Erley
VP of Growth

Execute campaigns to drive positive outcomes

Run every aspect of your campaign from one place. No keeping track of logins and accounts. No data scattered across platforms. We offer powerful self-serve tools in an all-in-one digital ad buying platform so you can launch campaigns quickly and with ease.

CRM Onboarding
Tap into your first-party data. Bring offline data online to uncover your most valuable users and create scalable custom audiences.

Smart Container Tag
Prove value and ROI with our unique tool that lets you track, analyze, and report on campaigns.

IP Targeting
Target specific households, businesses, and industries.

Expand your offerings at scale

Drive ROI and capture a better margin through scalable programmatic advertising campaigns across video, display, and mobile. With our programmatic advertising software, you can scale your digital offerings by capturing the digital media budget of your clients and agency partners.

Audience Extension
Don’t be limited by inventory. Expand your reach across 98 percent of available advertising in Choozle.

Data Activation with Ease
Whether it’s first or third-party data, you can activate your client’s data to meet their digital advertising needs.

Reach with Safety
We streamline access to multiple ad exchanges and networks to show the audience & inventory availability, contextual relevance, and brand safety.
“Choozle offers an easy to use platform that equips our local media teams with the tools necessary to run digital campaigns that provide ROI for our local advertisers.”

Doug Gesiorski
Vice President of Operations
Digital First Media

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