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The only pro-quality, ad buying and data management platform that lets you pay
only for what you need & use.

Choozle integrates powerful intelligence, buying and measurement tools in a feature-rich platform that was designed from the ground up for marketers, agencies and publishers. Gain instant access to every programmatic impression available on the Internet, directly from the source. Couple that with access to over 100,000 premium data targeting segments from 50+ of the world’s top providers.

More of your money can go to your media because Choozle has stripped away the unnecessary costs, technology and complicated processes. We bring you transparent access to all the same powerful planning, buying and measurement tools that the big players use. With no minimum ad spend, Choozle has the simplest set-up and training there is.


Focus on your business and less on tedious tasks. Choozle simplifies the digital marketing process so you can grow your agency and achieve ROI for your clients. Don’t worry if programmatic is still a mystery, we’ll help along the way.



Management of campaigns has never been easier with Choozle. Tap into powerful industry-leading programmatic media buying tools that make you look like a rock star. Stop scraping by and start focusing on what’s imperative: the bigger picture.



Scale your digital offerings by capturing the entire digital media budget of your clients and agency partners. Drive ROI and capture a better margin through scalable programmatic advertising campaigns including video, display, mobile and social.


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