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Apr 23
What Makes An Effective Ad Printable

What makes an effective ad? Tips & tricks with digital ad examples

What makes an effective ad? What are some digital ad examples?

To start, consider your campaign goals. What action(s) do you want consumers to take? How do you want them to perceive your brand? What kinds of tangible campaign goals are you optimizing for? What kind of digital ads are you looking to make? What digital ad examples could help?

No matter the campaign objective, all digital ad creative should follow these three best practices:

  1. Consider the objective of your ad. What is the intent of your campaign?
  2. Include clear branding and relevant messaging.
  3. Include a clear and concise call-to-action.

View our infographic to see three digital ad examples, showing ways to make your digital ad creative the best it can be based on your unique campaign goals.

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If your goal is brand awareness, optimize for impressions (CPM).

  • Your digital ad should be easily recognizable. Make sure your brand colors and fonts are front-row-center.
  • Thoughtfully place your logo. Your logo should be present and positioned & sized correctly for the graphic’s size and type.
  • Be mindful of cluttered messaging. Your brand slogan or call-to-action (CTA) should be included, but be careful not to create too much clutter.

If your goal is traffic, optimize for clicks (CPC).

  • Make it catchy. Why should they visit your site? Your ad should foster curiosity.
  • Use a fun call to action (CTA). See rule three above. Also, try to make your CTA button more unique than just a simple “learn more” or “click here.”
  • Be intentional with graphics in your digital ad. Steer clear of cheesy or overly staged stock photos. Try to use graphics that will set you apart while keeping on-brand.

If your goal is sales, optimize for acquisitions (CPA).

  • Offer something special. Give consumers an offer they can’t refuse or use retargeting to promote something they’ve already shown interest in.
  • Set expectations. If your promotion has a certain timeline or needs a specific code, make it clear.
  • Be genuine. Make sure the landing page matches what you’re promoting, and avoid overly salesy language.

Be sure to bookmark our display advertising creative resource guide as a perfect compliment to the digital ad examples and best practices outlined above.

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